She Said Yes, One Summer Night

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She Said Yes, One Summer Night

She Said Yes One Summer Night

by Juan Sepúlveda Just thinking about it today, eight years later, makes me a little nervous. I clearly remember knowing that I would "pop the question", but I couldn't make up my mind of how or where. However, one thing that was not uncertain was the date. The symbolic use of dates is something important to me. Whenever possible, I try to choose a significant date when making big decisions in my life. Which date had I chosen? you may think. Well, I had selected the triple lucky seven as the date to finally ask Jennifer to walk beside me for the rest of our lives. July 7, 2007, was the day I finally decided to ask her to marry me. We were enjoying a summer vacation in Puerto Rico, the beautiful Island that watched me grow. I felt it was appropriate that the Island of Enchantment -as some people call it- would be witness to yet another important step in my journey through life. During our trip, I was covertly scouting places where I could muster the courage to ask her, but nothing felt right. I took her to some breath-taking places, but nothing felt quite right. I finally settled on taking her for a nice dinner at a restaurant called Ajili-Mojili, where they serve a twist of the local fare with an elegant flair. Beautifully garnished dishes of the food that nourished me during my early years, paired with some wine, which I hope would help me with my nerves. IMG_5237 After a nice dinner, we walked across the street and sat facing the moonlit ocean and I finally asked her to marry me. Today, exactly 8 years to the day when I gave her the ring that she so proudly wears today, I am thankful that she said yes. Thankful for her commitment to stand by my side through thick and thin; In good times and in bad; in sickness and in health. Today I am thankful that her affirmative response to my important question has yielded to incredible memories that will accompany me forever. I am thankful that, as that song that played the night we exchanged vows, God blessed the broken road that led me straight to her.

If you are married or have been married, How did you propose? Were you nervous?

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