3 Reasons for a handwritten note

3 Reasons for a handwritten note

3 Reasons for a Handwritten Note

Are handwritten notes still a thing? In a technological world, where we are constantly bombarded by pop-up windows, instant messages, and never-ending emails, some people still take the time to send a handwritten note. Why in the world would you bother? Well, there are many reasons to do it, but here are a few reasons why:

1. It gives you time to disconnect from the overwhelming pace of electronic devices.

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to disconnect from technology for a little bit and engage in an activity that will surely bring a smile to someone's face? We are so engrossed in our digital communications, that we have completely edged out of our lives that timeless practice of writing a note. We get countless emails every day, multiple text messages, and get involved in numerous social media discussions, but rarely do any of these survive the archive folder.

2. It gives you extra time to craft a careful message for a worthy recipient.

Taking the time to find a nice paper, an envelope, and a decent writing implement may sound like a lot of work; However, doesn't your recipient deserve that kind of attention. Crafting a note in this manner gives you the time to block out all other topics from your mind and focus entirely on the person to whom you are writing. Go ahead, show them that you care enough to take the time to do this.

3. It provides a memorable experience for the person receiving it.

Finally, imagine how you would feel if you opened your mailbox and in addition to the array of bills, bank statements, and spam, you found out that someone from whom you haven't heard in a while decided to write you a note. Wouldn't that feel amazing? You have the power of creating that excitement in someone else's life by simply writing a few lines on a piece of paper. You don't have to pour out your emotions on a letter, a simple hello and brief update about your life would suffice. The end result would be so positive, you should try it.

Handwritten Note

I know that a lot of people would read this and say "I would love to do that but my penmanship is not good enough for me to send someone a handwritten note". The fastest way to get your penmanship back in order (or in order for the first time ever) is to make a purposeful effort to write more and often. What better way than to write a letter to someone you respect, admire, or love, while at the same time working on improving your penmanship? Don't allow the penmanship excuse to become an obstacle to this fulfilling practice.
Today's gentleman tip is: Take the time to write a note by hand and mail it to someone who matters in your life. Unlike a quick email or text message, the recipient will treasure this note and will not have to hassle with technology to remember your kind gesture. So go get your paper, refill your pen, and create a lasting memory. Bonus: There is something special about writing with a good pen. Do you have a favorite pen? One that you keep a watchful eye on if you ever allow someone else to use it? Giving that favorite pen a more noble task than just jotting down a to-do list will feel great. Want to see which ones are among my favorite pens? Head over to the Toolbox section of The Gentlemen's Brotherhood to learn more and maybe find your next favorite pen.

Photo Credit: Anthia Cummings
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