Become a more confident speaker

Become a more confident speaker


Become a more confident speaker, podcaster, host.
In this live presentation, Juan Sepulveda compares the subtle art of the "Con Man" and what it can teach us about being a better public speaker, podcaster, etc.

Juan Sepulveda, Founder of The Gentlemen's Brotherhood
Speaking at Podcast Movement 2016, Chicago, IL. U.S.
Learn more about Juan Sepulveda and his vision for the revival of The Lost Art.

In this presentation, Juan Sepulveda explores the characteristics that a Con Artist uses to gain the trust of his Mark and how content creators can use the same mechanics for more positive intentions. Lean about the parallels between a Con Artist and a Podcaster, Bloger, or YouTuber.

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Juan Sepulveda has dedicated his life to helping others take steps towards becoming the best version possible of themselves. For over a decade, he has been using his words and his paint brushes to share stories that can inspire people to live a life worth emulating. As an award-winning speaker, Juan Sepulveda is regularly invited to conferences and organizations to deliver his speeches on personal development, relationship building, and inspiring leadership. As a result of his efforts to help good men become even greater men, In 2014 he received the highest title of honor bestowed upon a civilian by the Governor of Kentucky and was commissioned as a Kentucky Colonel. He is the founder of The Gentlemen’s Brotherhood, a company dedicated to reviving interest in The Lost Art of The Gentleman.

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