A Model Gentleman

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A Model Gentleman

A Model Gentleman

A Model Gentleman is a man who is able to lead by example. On this episode, I introduce you to a man who served as inspiration for the creation of The Gentlemen's Brotherhood. I once knew a man, who through his very presence, would make others comfortable. A man who regardless of his economic or social status, would treat everyone with dignity and respect. A man always preceded by his reputation. I had the honor of getting to know this man well and to have privileged access to him on a frequent basis. I got to see how his character was unwavering through the ups and downs that life brought him. He didn’t just talk about being courteous, he modeled the behavior for those around him. Through his actions, he was able to inspire other people to walk with their heads held high, even in their moments of doubt.

"No job is ever beneath you. Every job is honorable and should be treated as such”

This man gave me my first job. He was the first person to show me the value of hard work. He owned a small restaurant and helped me understand the noble relationship between a man and his job. Working with him I understood that there was no job beneath him. He would be the first one to roll his sleeves and do the hard work that others would hesitate to do. I will never forget him saying to me “no job is ever beneath you. Every job is honorable and should be treated as such”. I remember that in occasions when men didn’t honor their word and follow through on their promises, he still kept his word. Benjamin Franklin Prudence One quality I really admired of this man is that he would be assertive while remaining courteous. He had this curious ability to speak his mind without being abrasive. A quality which I have noticed has become rarer in our society as time goes by. He had a favorite expression that said “Being courageous doesn’t replace being courteous” and he really lived that expression. I remember him having disagreements with vendors or clients while remaining respectful and courteous. I really admired how despite his gentle manners, he still retained a commanding authority. He never came across as weak or vulnerable and yet he never took advantage of that.

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Photo Credits: "Ben Franklin Statue" by Alexandra Fleischman for The Daily Pennsylvanian

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