The Beginning of a Brotherhood

The Beginning of a Brotherhood

The Beginning of a Brotherhood

The Gentlemen's Brotherhood Podcast Episode 1 I have been proudly working on the development of this project because it is something I think fills a gap in our society. The vision for this project has continued to evolve as I have become aware of how my education, live experience and resources enable me to help others. For as long as I remember, I have been passionate about developing myself and helping others in the process. Today, I am proud to reveal one additional phase of this initiative. I am proud to introduce you to The Gentlemen's Brotherhood Podcast*, which will be an additional tool to help you grow as a gentleman and reach your full potential. It is only then when you will have the most impact in your family, community and society.

What you will find in this episode:

  • A quick introduction of The Vision of The Gentlemen's Brotherhood
  • Initial Credo of The Gentlemen's Brotherhood
  • How you are crucial to the success of civility in our society
  • How to become an official member of The Gentlemen's Brotherhood

The Gentlemen's Brotherhood Credo

In a world seemingly obscured by the loss of common courtesy; A world that yearns for more empathy and compassion, There we find a group of Men committed not to accept the eroded morality that so insidiously has been taking over our society. There we find instead Men who are committed to living a virtuous life. In that imperfect world, we find a group of Men dedicated to leading by example and leaving a legacy of good manners and courtesy. A group of Men who look at themselves carefully and work hard to mend the areas that need improvement. These distinguished Men take great pride in their dedication to defy their circumstances and move beyond their current self, to an ever-evolving self that inspires others. These Men hold one another accountable to living a life worth emulating; a life that inspires some to take action while others remain stagnant. These men don’t sit idly by, waiting for someone to solve their problems, but instead take the initiative to sculpt their own destiny. Inside of you lives the exceptional man described here. You are not alone in the effort to leave this world in a better state than that in which you found it. You are an important component of this brotherhood that seeks to help men explore their potential and become the best version possible of themselves.

You belong here, Welcome to The Gentlemen’s Brotherhood.

Special Thanks

Because showing gratitude is good for you.
  • To my lovely wife Jennifer for being so supportive and for her great wisdom.
  • Billy Mays III for inspiring us through his music. Some of the songs you will hear in the podcast are courtesy of Infinite Third.
  • Kimanzi Constable and Michael Nunes for contributing inspiring articles to our Articles for gentlemen like you.

Podcast Information

During July 2015, the podcast will only be accessible through this page, but will become available in August on all major podcast distributors like iTunes, Stitcher, etc.
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